Transfer Heat Presses

InnoPrinter Semi-Automatic Transfer Presses

The InnoPrinter semi-automatic transfer presses are the most efficient way to apply multi-colour transfers to a variety of garments.
Thanks to the innovative continuous roll feed system, a single operator can look to print up to 500 garments per hour.

Rapid500 Manual Heat Press

Increase your productivity with the Rapid 500,
our auto-opening, slide out heat press.

Simple to operate, this industrial grade heat press offers exceptional value for money and is available with interchangeable pressing tables for working on a variety of garments.

Textile Transfers

Sample Transfers

If you would like to give our transfers a try, simply complete this form and we will gladly send you a sample pack containing the following transfers:

  • Single Coloured ‘Rapid’ Ink Transfers
  • Multi Coloured ‘Rapid’ Ink Transfers
  • Metallic Transfers
  • Fluorescent Transfers
  • Full Colour Digital Transfers

If you have a more specific requirement, please get in touch so we send you the most suitable examples of our products.

Knowledge Base

General Information

Minimum order quantities

The majority of our transfers are available as a minimum of 50 prints.  Depending on the design, smaller productions runs may be possible, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Production turnaround times

Our standard production times are as follows:
Rapid Ink, Flourescent, SubliBlock & Reflective Transfers: 4-6 working days
Digital Full Colour, Continuous Roll Transfers: 6-8 working days
Express services may be available upon request.

General application guidelines

General application guidelines using an INNOPRINTER transfer press:
Rapid Ink, Flourescent & SubliBlock Transfers: 155-180°C ~ 1.8 Seconds
Digital Full Colour: 135-155°C ~ 1.2 Seconds

General application guidelines using a  STANDARD MANUAL/PNEUMATIC heat press:
Rapid Ink, Flourescent & SubliBlock Transfers: 165-175°C ~ High Pressure ~ 4-6 Seconds
Digital Full Colour: 140-150°C ~ 6 Seconds ~ Cold Peel

Applying transfers with a manual heat press

General application guidelines using a MANUAL heat press:
Rapid Ink, Flourescent & SubliBlock Transfers: 165-175°C ~ High Pressure ~ 4-6 Seconds
Digital Full Colour: 140-150°C ~ 6 Seconds ~ Cold Peel

Multi colour transfers

Our ink transfers are available in up to 4 colours on a continuous roll or 6 colours as individual prints.

Alternatively, our digital full colour transfers can be used to produce photo quality designs with an unlimited colour palette.

Supplying artwork to Innotex

Please supply your artwork in a vector based format.

We accept EPS, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw files.

All fonts must be outlined and strokes expanded. Please get in touch if you need any design assistance.

Pre-production testing

We strongly recommend you perform wash tests on all new transfers before beginning a new production run. 

Storing textile transfers

Most of our transfers have a shelf life of 2-4 years. Be sure to keep them protected from humidity and away from direct sunlight.

Transfers for industrial textiles

Although our transfers are extremely hardwearing, if you require a print suitable for industrial laundering then get in touch regarding our range of resin based transfers.

Washcare instructions

We recommend washing garments prints with transfers at a maximum of 40°C and tumble-drying low.

Relabelling garments with transfer prints

Continuous roll transfers are the perfect way to re-label garments using an InnoPrinter semi-automatic transfer press.

A single operator can re-label 400-500 garment per hour thanks to the simple foot pedal operation and easy alignment tools.

Avoiding dye migration issues

When applying transfers to sublimated or poorly dyed fabrics, the ink or dye can often migrate from the fibres into the print design.

Our standard SubliBlock transfers include a blocking agent specifically designed to prevent dye migration and can be produced in multiple colours including metallics and fluorescents.

When printing onto especially susceptible fabrics, such as football kits and softshell jackets, our SubliSIilver transfers offer an extra barrier that can stop the migration entirely.

Pre-pressing and post-curing garments

Generally speaking, there should be no need to pre-press garments before applying Innotex transfer prints.

However, garments stored outside or at low temperatures for prolonged periods of time may become damp; in this instance, pre-pressing the garment for a few seconds will help remove any excess moisture.

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